Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Note Rush doesn't collect any personal or sensivite information, however anonymous usage data is collected through Unity Analytics to help us understand how people are using Note Rush features in aggregate, and to help identify and address technical issues that come up for subsets of users.

Unity Analytics collects device information, like IP address, device model and operating system version, as well as events completed or actions taken within Note Rush, including level choices, completion times and options selected. Using Unity Analytics systems, the developer of Note Rush has ongoing access to this data. This data is based, in part, on your game activities, but does not specifically identify you or your device.

June 2020 Update

The Unity engine provides functionality on Android to request a device's Android Device ID and Advertising ID. Note Rush does NOT request, store or transmit this information, however Google Play has recently started detecting this code in all Unity-based apps and has resultingly flagged Note Rush as an app that collects personal/sensitive information. Unity has since fixed this glitch so the offending code shouldn't be present in Note Rush in the next update. We will request that Google Play remove this flag at that time.